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would you mind stay in contact with me and I will gift you a free Review Paperback Copy of your book of interest (or of all), asking only for your review comment directly on amazon. Would you like that? That would be most helpful. I need about twenty readers who comment a book to be seen by the algorithm. In my last BQH session with Hara Katsiki I found out that I can slow down, everything will unfold in ideal time, everything comes my way. It felt so stabil. What a relief, because it was such a burdon so far that I won’t reach mass consciousness in time. So, if you are interested in a free copy, just write an email to freecopy@juliannebecker.de and tell me, with which book (1 a, b, c, 2a, b, 3 or 4) you want to start.

And this is the book menue:
1. Published 2011: The autobiographical Dragon Path Trilogy

In this trilogy of books, I describe my entire waking up process. As if in slow motion, the reader can understand what has to be considered and understood when a gullible and quite naive, God-believing, feel-good spiritual becomes a post-spiritual Ascended Master, who finally frees herself from almost all spiritual concepts. It’s exciting to read about the concepts that go overboard as the experiences become more and more amazing and paranormal, only to then turn out to be completely normal as new, original theories are developed. Ascension process and spiritual development, fun and original.

a) Volume 1: Hooray, the light feltlings are coming
The amazing paranormal adventures with the light feltlings
b) Volume 2: Light at the end of the felt
There are increasing problems. It gets even more adventurous and the soul mate comes over.
c) Volume 3: A dollmaker’s worldview
Wild experiences call for wild theories.

2.  Published 2017: a) The Inner Dragon Path: My Dragon loves to Eat Pizza – and b) the Outer Dragon Path: Pass me the Apple, Eve!

a) A dragon sleeps within each human being (behind the heart in a lair), guarding the gate to source. He dreams our reality into existence and sabotages our life as long as he wasn’t awakened and tamed and you are not creating consciously with your dragon. Until then, you can try as hard as you like, the law of attraction will always ensure that your life is not determined by your personality but by your shadow, i.e. by everything you have repressed. The dreaming dragon just pushes your own garbage into your life – of course only for processing. Because everyone here has to dispose of their own garbage. On the other hand, the dragon lies in front of the gate to source, and so this person cannot yet experience source / God directly and is dependent on nice explanations from third parties. At the same time, his life force is blocked and his potential remains hidden from him. This book is the precursor to The Process, and anticipates a few ideas. But unlike the extensive non-fiction book, this book was created directly as a conversation with my dragon and is therefore much more entertaining…

b) What would have happened if Eve had also offered Adam the second apple? An enlightenment from the point of view of the snake in the Garden of Eden and what all this has to do with today and with the dragons and how this knowledge could free our society from the matrix. The fact that Eve allowed herself to be tempted by the serpent in the Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge was unjustly blamed on the entire female sex, thereby legitimizing man’s dominion over woman. In truth, it was a truly heroic act with the greatest positive consequences for us today, unique in the history of mankind. With her courage and curiosity, Eve not only gave us an intelligent development, no, it is also thanks to her that mankind can easily free itself from the matrix.

3. Published 2018: Cheerful through the End of the World – The Bluestar Prophecy unraveled

This is not a manual for disasters. I will not tell you about stockpiling, nor scare you, nor convert you to the true faith, nor indulge in wild speculations about our future. Far too many scenarios have already been developed about this in film, television, in book form and on the Internet. I also don’t want to convince you that there will be an end of the world at all. But I would at least like to draw your attention to the fact that the warning signals are increasing significantly. I myself am convinced that we are right in the middle. It won’t be the first apocalypse either. There have been apocalypses in human history, but you won’t find them in any history book. The Hopi Indian people claim to have already survived three apocalypses, i.e. global catastrophes that completely changed the entire planet. And not only that: All the signs that should tell the Hopi that another such end of the world is imminent have already happened, except for one: The Bluestar Prophecy. So, in addition to the past apocalypses, we will be primarily concerned with this final prophecy of the blue star, a star that appears just before the apocalypse to herald it. After that, I’ll introduce myself. Because I am Bluestar, I came to announce the end of the world and to lead as many people as possible through it safely. It would be wonderful if everyone came along, but that’s up to each individual.

I know that sounds pretentious or crazy, so I dedicate the third chapter to my personal story and how I discovered that I am who I am. At the same time we will find a very different approach to the Hopi prophecies and unravel the Bluestar prophecy. It will be necessary for me to tell you things that I have only confided to very intimate friends because they just sound too crazy and yet they really happened to me. I will explain what I personally have to do with the end of the world and why it has accompanied me all my life. I want to inspire and encourage you to follow your own path and at the same time invite you to create a safe passage through the end of the world. Our survival will depend crucially on whether we manage to get out of the artificial matrix creatively, intuitively and illogically, but above all unpredictably, instead of fighting it on its preferred battlefield of the mind or cowering powerlessly before it. It is simply vastly superior to us in terms of long-term planning, logic and cold intelligence. But if we don’t even enter their mental ambush, we have all the trumps in our hands: Because hearts are trumps. While the fourth chapter deals with a select few bars of our mental consciousness prison and offers tips for escaping the cage, the fifth chapter details the new playing field on which the controlling forces find it difficult to follow. If we use our inner navigation with our feelings and follow the feeling of “it’s right”, we become unpredictable. This is our greatest chance in times of threatening digital surveillance, it is the only way we are always one step ahead of the tricks of the matrix!

4. Published 2021: The Process – Humanity is growing up

Wake the Dragon and get Free: This is my first non-fiction book. It’s not nice. But it’s written in an entertaining way. It might shock. But also could be fun for you. Definitely liberate you. The problems of 2020 are examined from an important energetic perspective that has so far been missing from the public discussion. It takes the spiritual process of ascension (maturation of the soul) out of the spiritual-religious terminology and explains it in a simple way that is understandable for everyone. When choosing the language, I keep in mind both the scientifically oriented, awakened educated middle class of the mainstream (lateral thinkers and non-lateral thinkers) as well as my adult alumni from secondary school and special school and break down the process for the entire mainstream in new terms. The spiritual ones quickly recognize what process is involved. You can also benefit greatly from this book, especially if you’ve been stuck in your pink spiritual bubble for far too long. You get an orientation of where you are in the process and how to proceed. This book enables you to finally get into the pot and free yourself from heteronomy. It’s time to awaken the dragon!

This Year will be the Year of Publishing my Books in English

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