There is never only a dual choice. But we are led to believe by some governing people that we have to take the two roads they designed us to KEEP US IN FEAR and to distract us from our own life and a multitude of solutions inbetween. And to devide and rule. Please keep in mind, that we all came to individual crossroads before and had to made choices to embody more or less our higher realms. No matter how shocking the cicumstances were (loss of partner, loss of job, moving to another city or country or going through a severe disease) it turned out to be a stepping stone to a higher awareness. And by that brought us closer to our truest expression of ourself. Ask questions like “What else is possible here?” Or say: “Universe, show me a lot more possibilities and let me know…”

Whatever you ask for, you will receive. But only very seldom in the way you had imagined. Be open for a surprise and change to the light side of life …”Always look at the light side of life…” And smile. HAVE FUN BEFORE YOU DECIDE ANYTHING.

I am vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson. I do not consent to anything these bastards urge on us. I recognized that with all my angryness and resistance and thinking about it and twice a week being tested to be allowed to see my mother in an elder home (I was just pissed off with my own unconscious behavior in the end, confronted with powerlessness) I gave this agenda even more energy with my resistance than the others around complying. So I asked my guide Sanat Kumara and my own Higher Self what to do. And out of nowhere came the thought “Give the emperor what belongs to him”, a word of Jesus when he was asked about money. And out of a sudden I said to myself: Get vaccinated. But do not read anything about the different types, just do not touch the theme. So I phoned my daughter (a mass media follower and already vaccinated) and said to her: “OK, won. I get the shot. But don’t tell me anything. I still think it is nonsense and dangerous. Just tell me, what shot has the lessest impact on my genes.” She said: “Johnson & Johnson”, and you only get one shot.” She was happy again. She thought now I would survive. Poor one!

Somewhere I had found ideas how to do the shot in alingnment with Source. And I asked my body, if it was OK to have the shot. It said “yes” and there was the inspiration to put a cylinder of black light around me to absorb every energetic and etherical programming so that only the 3D material could enter my body. Meanwhile (AFTER my decision to get vaccinated!) I got a job in a home for elder people to sing with them, only a little more income but in the next lockdown – so my thought – I will be of importance and therefore will continue to go to work and see and hug people and not be set again in my prison cell appartment for a whole winter. And my mom was so happy with my decision!

I love to make people happy and also to go with my highest Self. I did not go for it unless they sent a bus to our store, the “Vaccination Bus” without registration necessary (Germans love to register everything). When I stood in the line I remembered the angels and that I had not asked them for support, too. So I did. I felt a bit unsecure. A man standing in the line before me asked me to reserve his place and left. When he came back, he offered me a litle angel out of plastic, saying: “I found this on my way back and had the impulse to gift it to you!”. I grinned. So I knew, everything was OK: For the moment it is MY BEST SOLUTION. It prolongs the next time these bastards running behind me and asking for vaccination for half a year. Maybe then things are different. Maybe there were placebos only in the shots of this bus. Maybe their intrusive Ideas are still not in place and they only try to get us used to compliance. But I knew, it was safe for me, that day, on that vaccination bus. I had no symptoms at all. Others than all my allergies and intolerances went through the ceiling. But that could also be caused by my order to my body which was: “Get rid of all harmful and unnatural substances as soon as possible and don’t store anything! Remember: We are the co-creators and consciousness overrides everything we do not consent to.”

I do not consent. I am a souvereign co-creator. Yes, and I am vaccinated.

Stay healthy, creative and in love


There is never only a dual choice

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