The Dragon Path.

It was early 2003 when I called GOD (my believe to that time) for my Ascention NOW. I did not know what would happen to me but I was willing to take every risk it will bring upon me and my now-incarnation. My life changed dramatically. One year later I found myself felting my first dragon and this theme started to invade my life: Dragons. After some time I realized that I am on a dragon path. And this happened mainly by more and more people ordering energized dragons. Now dragons of all kinds and for children and adults are my artists love and passion. I learned by doing what I created with my felted art: Gates to higher dimensions and download connections for all people ordering one to better receive energies, downloads and messages from their own Higher Self. A dragon of mine can connect you more intense to your Higher Self and helps you meditate more deeply. It may accelarate your journey to embody your Highest Self and assist you in a plus of energy, while it bypasses the hardening/calcification of the arteries to your Source. And a dragon can also be as soft in its energies that it can just protect a child in its sleep. Place a cdragon on top of a shelf and it will beware of all monsters. All dragons can be planned, designed, drawn and coloured by you or your children. I then convert the drawing into a 3d figure of your favorite size, only using wool, no other items, while connecting to the ideal energies to support the dragon friend.

If you intend to accelerate your journey with your own dragon, please tell me how it looks like, maybe by your fantasy, or comparing my dragons or search for pictures in the internet! Maybe you have even dreamt of him! Or you can leave it to me channeling the most appropriate dragon for you and your next steps. Your dragon is already existing in other realms and I am contacting him there, also creating a deep connection between the felted and the real one. Later on this will serve you to get in contact with him more deeply while meditating with him. Pricing is individual, depending on our agreement. Individualized dragons start with 650 Euros in normal size (including shipping worldwide). Please send an email if you are interested!

More dragons:

History – I started experimenting with sheep wool in 2004. All my adult life I made dolls, puppets and puppets on the strings or glove puppets. But it was not long before I discovered felting that I was more interested in animals than in human dolls. After my first tries with felted and by that energized dolls under the guidance of my Higher Self I found out, that if I do not aim to the highest realms such as Archangels and Ascended Masters by deep meditation while felting my human looking dolls all ended in connecting with someone in the astral looking the same. That could be the grandma of someone. But I did not want to end with bringing messages through from just deceased ones, its just not my life purpose. To avoid building connections into this plane of existence (and experience strange anecdotes like doing seances) I conciously decided to concentrate on animals. But just to show you an example of how I personally contributed in 2005 to the grounding of the goddess energies here on Earth, this is my goddess Isis which I worked on for nine months. Just the right amount of time in human matters… And by the way, then angels and nature spirits started to show up in my animals… More strories about these adventures to come…