A quantum leap in the hypnosis techniques that gives you access to your own inner wisdom and healing capacities.

Online or in person in my studio, one-on-one sessions

Each session develops uniquely. The scenes presented in the light hypnosis (e.g. other lives, childhood excursions, visiting other dimensions, your home, etc.) relate precisely to your pre-determined questions and intentions. You visit previous lives or previous existences, sometimes even in completely different dimensions, but also important events in this life, trauma and conflicts, unusual encounters, visiting a healing temple or the Akashic library or even returning to your first creator may occur – everything is possible!

The scenes, places and times come as a complete surprise, because your intention alone determines which experiences are selected and later explained by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self may want to support your healing and self-discovery, but it rarely exactly meets your expectations. If that were the case, you didn’t need a session, then everything would have been ideally coming into your life for a long time!

About Healing – even of unexplainable symptoms

Your higher self wants to shake you up with illnesses, unexplained symptoms, and recurring problems about your body, simply because it is time for you to wake up and begin your journey within. As a rule, this was preceded by a time in which you did not listen to the various hints, ideas, thoughts and feelings of your soul. Only then does the wake-up call become physical. That’s how I see it now. But it is also loving and caring and gives you everything for your next step.

Conversely, once you have established contact with your higher self and better understand your circumstances and developments, it is only natural that even spontaneous healing happens naturally, or at least improvements. So in every BQH session your Highest Self may also heal you completely, it is that powerful. Every healing is above all self-healing only supported by your conscious behavior, by medical experts and drugs. You always heal yourself: Your higher levels of yourself release your health again if you listen to them and live in harmony with them. It is always self-healing that you experience, even if you go to the doctor and take medication. Your body is programmed to heal itself. And it’s always about your consciousness too. It is also your own strong immune system that fends off, alleviates or heals all diseases, if this is in harmony with your life’s work. Sometimes karmic causes are added, but even these only show up physically if you have not dealt with shadow integration beforehand, preventively, so to speak.

A new cause of illness: The Ascention Process (waking of the dragon)

In the last twenty years there has been another cause of illness, your body has to adapt energetically to the changed vibration of the ascending earth. Due to the change in vibration of the earth, only the body can become and remain healthy that has harmonized with the new vibrations. So today is also about upgrading your physical operating system to 5D, which is called ascension, although it is actually about the descent from still higher levels of yourself into your body til finally you are one with your Highest Self.

For months and years your body is then like a construction site. As if the builder of your body had discovered the original plans of your house and is now converting the 3D hut into a 5D villa. Then your symptoms are nothing more than construction noise and clearing out. So the higher self often says in the sessions today that everything is fine and you should be patient, it will pass by itself. When the new vibrational state is reached, your body will be healthier than ever.

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