Online one-on-one session, a quantum leap in the hypnosis techniques that gives you access to your own inner wisdom and healing capacities.

Each session develops uniquely. The scenes presented in the light hypnosis (e.g. other lives, childhood excursions, visiting other dimensions, your home, etc.) relate precisely to your pre-determined questions and intentions. You visit previous lives or previous existences in completely different dimensions, but also important events in this life, trauma and conflicts, unusual encounters, visiting a healing temple or the Akashic library or even returning to your first cause – everything is possible!

The scenes, places and times come as a complete surprise, because your intention alone determines which experiences are selected and later explained by your higher self. Your higher self may want to support your healing and self-discovery, but it rarely exactly meets your expectations. If that were the case, if you didn’t need a session, then everything would have been running consciously and ideally for a long time!

Complete your Ascention and become a sovereign co-creator! Most people are in this process now but they do not know the cause of their problems, symptoms and life circumstances. Changes occur in every part of life. Your body can show the craziest symptoms (diseases) through the Ascention process, because the process is being triggered in all people. Mankind is triggered to become adult also on a ssoul level. First of all, that’s a good sign: Because you’re starting to wake up your dragon! Now it’s best to finish the process quickly. As you progress in this, these crazy symptoms can go away as suddenly as they came. Once you have fully completed the process, you will be healthy again. Unless you have decided otherwise at higher levels.

Conventional treatment easily falls into symptom suppression rather than promoting true self-healing: there is nothing better for your healing than to quickly complete the process that is causing these symptoms. Your body is being rebuilt and the construction site is just not fun. More about the process in my upcoming book “Wake the Dragon Now!”

Looking foreward to see and serve you!