The complete Ascention Manual with energetic Actualisations – Coming soon: Translation is in progress!

If you have never heard of the process and do not understand it, you will not be able to correctly interpret the physical, economic and social symptoms and therefore you will not break free from the matrix. Instead you are only drawn deeper and deeper into the powerlessness and speechlessness of the matrix and your heart’s blood evaporates ineffectively. Ignorance makes you the victim of controlling powers that are always a few moves ahead of you and that manipulate you via your unconscious, even if you think you have already woken up.
External knowledge cannot set you free, it is just your first step in the process. You have to take back your sovereignty internally as well.
Without understanding the process, you become a pawn sacrifice in the chess game of the mighty. They are always a few moves ahead of you and like to lure you into a quandary. So you keep losing with every move! As long as you have not completed the process internally, it does not matter what you are committed to outside: Then you react to stimuli according to a plan and support those who you think you are actually fighting against.

Only when you have “woken up” internally can you leave the playing field of the matrix and implement your intentions effectively and independently. It will look the same on the outside, but you are truly free and self-determined. Because then you play in a higher league!