Short Vita: Julianne Becker, born 1953,  experienced the Dragon Path to Mastery herself and completed it in 2014. Today the author lives in Idar-Oberstein, provides informations about the process and offers individual sessions to accelerate the soul maturation process (Ascention) by remembering the galatical history (through Beyond Quantum Healing etc.) and by that healing the body, the mind and the spirit and also restore the original devine blueprint. Besides that she felts artistic unique dragons completely from pure sheep wool.

Teacher history: Worked in public schools in Idar-Oberstein, Mainz and Berlin. First burnout in 1996 at a Berlin comprehensive school in Berlin-Wedding, then switched to the special school in Berlin-Pankow and Berlin-Friedenau. After twenty-five years of service as a teacher, her second burnout occurred in 2003, which resulted in her occupational disability. Since then she has received an unconditional basic income as a pension recipient and feels so much gratitude for that.

Spiritual history: She woke up with the first big wave in 1987 and started her spiritually conscious journey to herself, which is still going on. Long dark night of the soul 1996, walk-in (demand of the ascension, waking the dragon) 2003, various alternative trainings, cooperation with and emancipation from the ascended masters (they don’t know either, we are co-creators alltogether). As a post-spiritual mental trainer, passionate felt maker and enthusiastic dragon woman, her offer is as colorful as her ‘Lightfeltlins’. Above all, she wants to encourage self development and stimulate self-help, self-healing and self-love. Her mission is to lead people safely through these difficult times.